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We're glad you enjoyed our SplashMaker intro video! Instead of telling you more about it, we thought it a better idea to just let you experience it for yourself.

Fill in the form to the right - which serves to personalize the entire Buyer Journey for you. You'll then receive an automated HubSpot email with a direct link to your very own, customized eBook.

But here's the magic: Let's say you are running an ABM program with accounts/contacts you already have this information for in HubSpot (or Pardot, Marketo, etc.). In that case, you could send that same email directly to those contacts (or even link from a HubSpot landing page) and they would move directly into the same personalized eBook - but never have to deal with a form like this at all.

Better still, as mentioned in the video, once in the SplashMaker content journey every Buyer, whether those ABM contacts or new leads, can progress to all other SplashMaker smart content assets in the journey with no additional forms or intrusive cookies.

Welcome to the future of powerful, affordable, smart content!

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